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Casting Flies to Beautiful Fish

Aimee Savard

Millers River, S. Royalston, MA

Millers River, S. Royalston, MA

When we started Tight Loops, it wasn’t really much more than the two of us fly fishing and camping as much as life allowed us.  Every weekend plans developed.  It was always just a day trip.  Get up before the sun.  Drive to a location a few hours away.  Then as we talked and texted throughout the week while we were both at work, it would always develop into more.  “Well, if we’re driving all the way, why don’t we just stay at least one night?”  The question always seemed like a completely valid one.  One night would turn into two, and we would be driving in complete darkness just to get home in time to go to bed and wake up for work the next day.  We were always waiting for those long weekends and planned days off to take more than just a day or two.  When we were out in the wilderness with no plans but to make coffee, eat breakfast, and fish, everything felt right.  For me, this was my first season fly fishing.  Chase taught me the basics in early April.  It was still so cold and my hands would be freezing, but I was determined to cast that fly to a fish and watch it eat it.  It didn’t take long, I was totally hooked.  I caught a small rainbow in Exeter, Rhode Island and that was that.  Every free day was spent casting flies to beautiful fish.