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Photo Update #2 / Trip Preparations

Aimee Savard

Things have been a little nuts since our Kickstarter ended.  We've been mailing our rewards and doing our best to get things squared away, while also getting all of our things in order for the trip.  I can't believe its almost time to go.  It feels like the date is fast approaching, yet dragging.  Days spent at work seem to crawl by so sluggishly.  Yet, days off with tons of errands to run are never long enough.  We're both so anxious to get on the road.  My film shipment is coming in today.  120 rolls of 35mm & 120.  It's like a dream.  Oh, and developing chemicals!  I can't wait to do a test roll.  It's been a little while since I last developed my b&w film.  It's sort of like riding a bike though, you never really forget.

These are some recent photos from some small streams in Rhode Island.  Shot with my Pentax 6X7.