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Photo Update #3 / Notes From (the first leg of) the Road

Aimee Savard

So we're finally on the road.  It's sort of hard to believe, actually.  It's been in the making since last October, at least.  We left in the morning this Saturday and set our sights on West Virginia.  It took a little longer to get there than expected.  Though I suppose that will probably become a common theme on this trip.  Everything moves slower in a heavy, thirty year old van.  Both Chase and myself were very happen with Bullwinkle's performance though.  We've both been so stressed and worried about the condition of the van, so this first leg going relatively smooth definitely helps to ease some of our anxiety.  Every day on the road will be unique in its set of challenges and rewards.  We are lucky to have each other to help maintain rational thought and balance. 

These are some recent color photos shot on film at one of our favorite local streams in Rhode Island.  Those little brookies are always a treat.  

Thanks for all of the kind words and support so far! We'll see you on the open road!